Expert office cleaning in gold coast

Looking for the best office cleaners in the gold coast?

At Swift Home Services we offer top quality cleaning services for offices in the gold coast.  With our highly trained staff members, we make it our goal to keep your office clean helping you achieve a safe and healthy work environment.

What is office cleaning?

How Clean is your Office?

A clean office creates a healthy, productive working environment and helps to motivate your staff. Some studies have shown that workers are more productive in clean environments. Workers with clean office environments are happier and have higher morale. They enjoy their jobs more, which leads them to work harder and reduces the amount of turnover. When you hire our Services to clean your office, you are hiring the best cleaners in this business. This can lead to an increase in production in every sector.

If you want a high quality, reliable and professional Office Cleaning Gold Coast at a competitive price, please contact us for a free quotation!

To help you keep your business running smoothly, we offer comprehensive Gold Coast office cleaning services, which can include:

Specialist Office Cleaning of VDUs, Keyboards, Fax, Copier.

Keeping a clean dust-free workspace can be a struggle when having a busy work schedule. At Swift Home Services we know that nobody wants a dusty keyboard and are here to help. We believe that it is all about attention to detail when cleaning an office space, clean surroundings will help keep your mind clearer and focused on the job ahead of you.

Telephone Sterilising

To prevent illnesses in a workplace spreading equipment such as telephones need to be sterilized. General cleaners often attend just to toilets and kitchens but very often they leave the desks untouched leaving germs to build creating possible illness and infections.  Always keeping your telephones sterilized, Swift Home Services office cleaning will clean all areas of the office leaving it germ-free.

Vacuuming, Dusting & Polishing

Many offices can be full of people, some up to the hundreds, this creates a lot of dust on any surface.  To keep a clean, healthy environment an office needs to be vacuumed, dusted and polished on a regular basis.

Internal Window Cleaning

It is not all about keeping your office windows clean on the outside, what matters just as much is keeping them nice and clean and hygienic on the inside. Dust can build up in the corners of windows and if not cleaned regularly it is not so nice for your health.

Kitchen Hygiene Maintenance

Keeping a hygienic kitchen in an office is of very high importance. A kitchen is a space where people store their food and eat on a daily bases if left uncleaned can lead to high infections and possible food poisoning. Nobody wants that for their staff.

Toilet Hygiene Maintenance

Create a good impression by keeping your toilets shiny and clean. Keeping good standards of hygiene will help prevent the development and spread of illnesses, infections and bad odors.

Office Rubbish Disposal

Working in an office you are most probably aware of the amount of rubbish that can build up just within a day. Making sure you keep the rubbish out of your office space and staff members is highly important, reason being is germs can spread which will cause bad hygiene. Not to mention the mess it will make if left for too long.

Window washing

Keeping your windows clean and smudge-free is what we do, there is not one window big or small that swift home services can’t clean. Always leaving you 100% satisfied.

In addition to our regular Gold Coast Office Cleaning, we also offer:

Deep Office Cleaning

A deep office clean tackles the hard to get to areas that are not always seen. When doing a deep office clean, the furniture will be temporarily moved and cupboards will be emptied, all the areas a regular clean doesn’t always get to. Swift Home Services will leave your office shining exceeding your expectations.

Office Pest Control

Nobody wants pests damaging there building, computer equipment, cables, and many more important components. Swift Home Services has high tech equipment enabling us to get rid of any pests living in your office in a fast and efficient manner.

Office Carpet Cleaning

 It is important not to have a dirty carpet for your staff. Swift Home Services knows the importance of working in a clean and healthy atmosphere. Workers spend nearly as many of their waking hours in an office as they do in any other location. Workers who consistently occupy the same space may become susceptible to germs and harmful bacteria that pollute an area left unclean.

What makes the best office cleaning service?

We all know the importance of a clean office and the difference it can make to work production. Your office cleaner needs to be highly professional and efficient, Swift Home Services are just that. With our transparent pricing and unbeatable service, we can take your office that extra mile. We guarantee to exceed your expectations, always going that extra mile to make the rooms shine.

Office cleaning service near me

It is important to find an office cleaning service near you, most office cleaning services come most days after the day’s work have finished. This is why your office cleaning service needs to be reliable and efficient to always be there to clean your offices ready for the next working day.  Swift Home Services make it their mission to fight those daily germs an office may pick up, leaving it clean and 100% hygienic.

How to choose the right office cleaning service

Coming to a decision about office cleaning is quite simple, your office should not be dirty as part of basic life hygiene for the workers there. Our professional team of office cleaners at Swift Home Services will make sure that your workers are not forced to toil in an area that may leave them vulnerable to illness. Having a local office cleaning service is very beneficial as their services are very regular for your office.  Your office will feel and look more professional and smart after an office clean.

Why Swift Home Services?

At Swift Home Services we go the extra mile for each office clean. We have highly trained staff members who have been cleaning offices for many years. Knowing all the tricks to a perfectly clean office. Having a variety of office cleaning services available to you we know that our services are the best. Our excellent rates are affordable and fair. Guaranteed to exceed your expectations Swift Home Services are here for you and all your office cleaning needs. Click here to get in touch now.

In Conclusion

Firstly thank you for taking the time to read this page. Below are some summarised points for you to take away:

  • Having a clean office environment helps motivate staff and increase there productivity.
  • Keeping a clean office with good hygiene is very important for everyone in the workplace.
  • There are many different services involved in office cleaning, for example, pest control.
  • It is very important that your office cleaning service is highly professional and reliable.
  • Office cleaning services may be needed very regularly so it is important to choose somewhere local.
  • Swift Home Services always go that extra mile to make a difference for each office they clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to clean an office?

It depends on the size of the office but one person cleaning an office that is 200 SQ FT takes about 2 hours.

How often should you clean your office?

It depends on how big and busy the office is. A busy office with lots of people in everyday needs to be cleaned every day, especially the toilets need to be cleaned every day no matter how big the office.

What's included in Office cleaning?

Usually, it will be the office reception, lobby, communal areas, and workspace areas. Wiping down equipment, hovering all floors, wiping down door handles and appliances such as keyboards.

How do you deep clean an office?

A deep clean will involve getting rid of all the dust from the hidden corners and cracks, emptying cupboards enabling you to clean inside them reaching all the areas you would get to on a regular clean.