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More often than not it is easy to only think about the cleaning part of the process right at the end of a demolition, renovation or new home build project. At this stage you realise that standard cleaning products, equipment and knowledge might not be cut for the job.

This is where a professional Builders Clean comes into play. At Swift Home Services we have been delivering quality construction cleaning services for years and understand what is required to carry one out successfully and within budget.

In this page we explain what a Builders Clean is and how it can be beneficial to your project.

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What is an After Builders clean?

Definition of a Builders Clean

A builders clean is a specialised type of cleaning service carried out by a trained professional after a new construction, demolition or renovation project is completed. Many people mistakenly believe that builders take care of this task. In fact builders don’t have the right equipment or knowledge to undertake this part of the process. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, we need to understand that cleaning up debris, dust and other types of construction residues require special equipment and products. Builders are already busy dealing with their own equipment and that’s why you need a dedicated crew to take care of the cleaning.

Moreover, builders are always running on a tight schedule. Not to mention of course cleaning should not be their area of expertise. Whereas a dedicated builders clean team is trained specifically to attend to every little detail.

Finally a specialised team understands the presentation standards required to really showcase the final product and leave the property “ready to use”.

Difference between a Builders Clean and a Standard Domestic Clean

Top 3 differences between a Builders Clean and Domestic cleaning

A common misconception is that builders cleaning and domestic cleaning services are the same. This is actually not true. As mentioned previously, cleaning after constructions, demolitions and renovations generally requires special knowledge, equipment and procedures.

Some cleaning companies offer domestic cleaning services in place of appropriate builders cleans. This can not only result in a less than satisfactory outcome, but also can cause permanent damage to your property.

At Swift Home Services we have seen it all. Below we have summarised the 3 main differences between domestic and specialised builders cleans.

Scope of Works

There are many more steps to performing a successful builders clean compared to a standard clean. For example the ‘Hazard & Risk Assessment’ stage. For detailed information on what is comprised in a builders clean please read the next section.

Cleaning Equipment & Products

The Equipment used when a builders clean is in possess is a lot more advanced than your everyday vacuum. You need strong, powerful equipment to get the job done. Not to worry We have high tech industrial equipment used by highly trained professionals.

Cleaning Expertise & Knowledge

Dealing with building sites might involve working around potentially dangerous items and materials. This also includes the substances and types of waste at hand. It is for this reason that industry specific knowledge and training is required to tackle these types of cleaning jobs successfully.

What are the steps required to complete a Builders Clean?

Critical Steps to a successful Builders Clean

There are several steps to carrying out a successful and cost effective builders clean. These steps or stages all serve a specific purpose and are just as important as one another. Please see below the core 4 steps comprised in a professional builders clean.

Hazard & Risk Assessment

The first stages of an after builders clean is to inspect the property to see what cleaning needs to be done. This is when we decide what type of builders clean you need , whether it is an after renovation clean , after demolition clean or newly built home or facility. We will work out what needs to be done, all the risk factors and possible hazardous components.

Initial High Level Clean

An initial Clean is the first stage of the builders clean which involves the removal of dust and debris from surfaces and rubbish from the building. In some cases, the builders might take care of this first stage of cleaning. In most cases standard cleaning equipment is not sufficient to handle this type of waste. Also, due to the nature of some construction materials being handled, special personal protective equipment is required to complete the job.

Detail Clean

This is the part of the clean that really sets apart the builders clean and the regular house clean. It involves the removal of any paint marks , dust and splatters on windows. What ever needs to be cleaned deeply, this is when they will do it. This thorough builders clean step is taken with the upmost of care, making sure that the property is left with a showroom quality finish.

Final Inspection & Presentation

The final stage of the builders clean is to inspect the property for any accidental dust components left behind. This is a very thorough check as each property needs to be left immaculate with no sign of any dirt or dust. Swift Home Services always do a complete check at the end of any project to insure the property has been left up to high standards.

Why are Builders Cleans important?

Why should you hire a Builders Clean service

Whether you are the home owner or the project manager Builders cleaning is essential to post construction. Being a project manager you will want to make sure that the property is nice and clean before handed over to the customer, Swift Home Services can make that happen.

Nevertheless if you are the home owner and the job has been left for you, getting a construction and builders cleaning service to clean is the way to go. Using everyday household cleaning items just does not cut it, in most circumstances you will need industrial equipment to get the job done properly.

How much do Builders Cleans cost?

Pricing factors of a builders clean

The final cost of a builders clean depends on a number of different factors. The size of the property and the size of the materials being handled is your first point of reference. You should also take into account whether or not hazardous materials are to be handled and the type of equipment that will need to be employed to name a few.

Below we explain in more detail the main factors that will determine the budget required for your next builders clean.

Did the builders clean after themselves?

If the cleaners did a rough clean before leaving this might help the specialised cleaning team move a little bit quicker through the job.

Quality of Workmanship

In some circumstances it depends on the skill of your tradesman, we know that there are hard working and skilled companies out there, but we also know that some companies may lack in some skills. You may find the builders clean to be more or less expensive based on the mess left behind from the construction.

Soil Level and Building Products Used

Different products get used in different properties depending on the company doing the construction. sometimes the price may be be effected by the quality of the product, also how dirty the place is or was before the start of the construction.

Readiness of the Building Site

If there is still equipment left to be collected at your building site the builders clean will take longer to complete.

What are the most common types of Builder Cleans?

Builders Clean Types by Project

Builder cleans can be subdivided based on the type of project. The 3 main project categories that require specialised construction cleaning services are renovations, demolitions and new builds.

After Renovation Builders Clean

Finishing a renovation or a new building should mean the hard work is over. But you cant relax when dust and debris are everywhere.

After Demolition Builders Clean

This is a builders clean which is performed after some demolition work has been carried out at your property. It might involve the removal or large amount of debris and also the removal of dust not only from the areas directly affected but also surrounding structures.

Newly Built Property Clean

Having your property newly built can be very exciting, a builders clean will make sure that any left over dust and debris will be long gone before you need to move in.

Types of Builders Clean by area

What Builders Cleaning services do we offer in Brisbane and gold coast?

Swift Builders Cleaning Services in the Gold Coast & Brisbane is the service to call for all your specialised Construction Cleaning or Renovation Cleaning needs. Our eco-friendly cleaning products and heavy-duty equipment make short work of dust and other post-construction debris. All of our builders cleaning services differ from one job to the next and we can tailor make a cleaning specification to suit our clients individual requirements.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services floor

Floors & Carpets

Professionally clean all floors/carpets to remove dirt and dust, and unsightly markings left by paint or plaster.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services window cleaning


Professionally clean all windows from the inside, sills and window-frames of leftover debris, paint and plaster.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services Skirtking Boards

Frames & Sockets

Deep-clean all skirting boards, doors, doorframes, fixtures, switches and sockets.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services cleaning the wall

Walls & Ceilings

Spot clean walls and ceilings, removing all paint stains.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services kitchen

Common Areas

Deep-clean of kitchen, bedrooms, living room, and common areas, including fixtures such as shelves and cupboards inside and out.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services cleaning the sink

De-lime & de-scale

De-lime and de-scale any bathroom or kitchen tile, and polish all surfaces and woodwork as necessary.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services Toilet

bathroom fixtures

Deep-clean of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures inside and out.

Builders Cleaning Swift Home Services stairs

floors & stairs

Deep-clean of all floors and stairs to ensure a healthy, dust-free property.

Why choose Swift Home Services for your builders cleaning needs?

Every day House Cleaners are not up to the mark, reason being is they wont have the correct equipment. For this construction and builders cleaning you need big industrial equipment to get the job done. Our professional cleaners will make sure that your home or place of business looks better than ever when you are done with your construction project. Whether it is a simple make-over or a complete remodelling a post construction clean-up is a must. Our post construction cleaning service will add the finishing touch to your project. Not to mention all our staff are fully trained, fully insured 10m and fully OHS compliant.

Dont move in until we provide the after-builders clean up. Your home or buildings debut is of utmost importance to us at Swift Home Services. With Swift Cleaning Gold Coast & Brisbane construction clean up, the interior and exterior of your property will look clean and smell fresh so you can enjoy your new home. Well help your newly renovated home whilst fitting the picture you had in your mind before all the building and construction took place.

Whether its your new home or youre the project manager, at Swift Home Services we assure you quality detailed cleaning, complete with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Hiring Swift Home Services for your construction and Builders cleaning needs will insure you that all cleaning will be seen to.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does post construction cleaning mean?

“Post Construction” means a general clean up after and construction has taken place. making sure the property is completely clean and dust free from top and bottom.

What does it mean to deep clean a house?

Regular or spring cleaning is very different to a deep clean. deep cleaning is often required for example when a tenant moves in or out. A deep clean is making sure that any deep grime or dust that you may not normally get to gets cleaned.

Whats involved in a builders clean?

The basics of a after builders clean is to remove any rubbish , dust and debris from any surfaces in the building.

How do i keep my construction site clean?

We understand at Swift Home Services how important it is to provide a safe job site for your employees. We recommend to always try and keep stairways, passageways and gangways material free. also keep and supplies or obstructions out of the way. Also having proper containers for all the debris and trash is key.

What is involved in construction clean up?

Duties include:

  • Dusting
  • Washing all surfaces
  • Cleaning windows inside and out
  • removing any stickers or marks on appliances or windows
  • removing the last of the construction debris
  • polishing marble and tile surfaces
  • vacuuming all floors
  • washing all walls and ceilings