How to Get Rid of Pet Stains on Carpets

Most people know that using a splash of Vinegar and a dash of baking soda to help eliminate certain stains and odors works, but did you know, using the wrong technique could result in a soggy and carbonated carpet or a worse stain than you started with.

We have found dabbing White vinegar eliminates that undesirable pet urine odor, this is enough all on its own, and attempting to soak the stain will do more damage than needed. Soaking is always discouraged, when you soak you’ll end up with a soggy carpets for about a week or worse a bigger stain than you started with if you use the wrong technique.

Remove as much of the solids as possible then blot with a paper towel until the carpet is touch dry. Sprinkle Bi-carb over the spot then you need to add a small amount or splash of vinegar on the affected area or on a clean cloth and dab right on the stained area until the stain has been completely covered. Dabbing rather than soaking is by far a better way of eliminating those stubborn stains. Let the vinegar do it’s job for an hour or more and blot or dab up as much as you can until the stain vanishes.

Tip; After you have blotted up the bi-carb and vinegar scrub with a sponge and cold water, then rinse with warm water then leave to dry. Vacuum. The reason you use both cold and warm water is because faeces contain proteins and fats. If unsure contact your nearest professional cleaner.