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Moving House Checklist

Moving House Checklist PDF Download below. Moving house is usually stressful; use this handy checklist to make sure nothing is missed out during the big move. 6 – 8 Weeks before         Notify your landlord in writing if you are renting         De-cluttering. Don’t waste money paying to have items you never use moved to […]

How to Clean Silver Cutlery

How to Clean Silver Cutlery This is often left in kitchen closets unless there is a special occasion. This Thanksgiving, when you bring out your cutlery, don’t panic if it looks dull and dirty. Silver has a reputation of getting tarnished over time. We are giving you a trick that would save your day! Take […]

Cleaning Bath Toys

Cleaning Bathing Toys Bathing toys should be regularly cleaned because grime and dirt can invite germs and infection. If bath toys are to be used during baths, they can very well take part in the exercise probably making work easier for mothers when they’d mention the toy enjoying the bath to the kid.  For keeping […]