About Us – Swift Home Services

Swift Home Services is a privately-owned cleaning & home services company servicing the Gold Coast & Brisbane. 

Our objective is to retain our position as the industry leaders within the residential cleaning market, which can be achieved by providing the highest quality cleaning and support services to our customers. We aim to stay ahead of the competition through our ongoing continuous improvement strategies in order to ensure that the service we provide to our customers is always the best in the industry.

Not only do we offer the highest quality cleaning services in the industry, we also also offer a wide range of services, some of which include:

From humble beginnings, Swift Home Services was established as a small four-person cleaning company which offered a limited range of cleaning services. As time progressed, Swift Home Services grown into one of the largest cleaning service providers within the Gold Coast and Brisbane regions, providing customers with a vast range of cleaning solutions, especially for clients who require thorough end of lease/bond cleaning services.

Here at Swift Home Services, we place major emphasis on maintaining and improving our high standard of work for our valued customers. This is why we are trusted by various real estates and property management companies across the Brisbane and Gold Coast regions, to provide a consistently high quality service while also maintaining very competitive prices.

At the heart of our business are our people. At Swift Home Services we know how important our employees are for our business. As a result, we undergo a comprehensive recruitment process so that we only hire the team members who are of the highest calibre and moral integrity, in order to deliver the quality cleaning service that our customers expect.

Furthermore, we appreciate that we are only as good as our staff. Consequently, we treat all our employees with the respect which they deserve and provide them with a safe and enjoyable workplace, so that they go home to their families safely everyday.

Non Toxic Cleaning

Within the cleaning industry, there is a major difference between ‘looking clean’ and actually being clean and germ free. This is why Swift Home Services uses only the highest quality products and proven cleaning methods.

At Swift Home Services, we endeavour to use natural, biodegradable and toxin free products which are effective at removing all unwanted dirt, grime and bacteria, without leaving any unwanted chemical toxins such as phthalates and formaldehyde.  Such chemicals have been linked to numerous health complications including cancer as a result of long term exposure. 

By emphasising the use of biodegradable and toxin free cleaning products, we provide our clients with a safe and productive space to live and work in.