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Make your own Natural Air Freshener

Raising your mood and assisting to purify the air are just some of the benefits of making your own Natural air freshener. These homemade air freshener sprays are very safe to use around children and pets. Some commercially bought air fresheners contain hurtful chemicals, using an environmentally-friendly alternate to bought air fresheners couldn’t be simpler […]

Removing Sticker Residue

Removing Sticker Residue Sticker residue wouldn’t look so bad if it doesn’t imbibe all that dirt and grime and turns grey to black in the process. Whatever the residue is placed on looks gross. Fortunately, it doesn’t require much effort to get rid of it. A little oil, scrubbing and time would take the residue […]

7 Ways of Removing Sweat Stains

7 Ways of  Removing Sweat Stains Ammonia Dab the area with a half-strength solution of ammonia and water before washing. Aspirin Two aspirins mixed with half a cup of water should be allowed to set in for one or two hours. Baking Soda Making a paste made from 4 tablespoons baking soda and 1/4 cup […]

Cleaning Plush Toys that can’t go in the washing machine

Cleaning Plush Toys that can’t go in the washing machine Stuffed toys get very grungy when they are carried everywhere and dropped practically everywhere too. Some stuffed toys come with musical insertions and circuits due to which they can’t be thoroughly washed. Start by creating a mixture of mild detergent (i.e your usual washing detergent) […]

Outside Cleaning Windows

Windows That Are Out: Windows, windows everywhere; even on your computer! Jokes aside, apparently windows seem clean but with sunlight every little fingerprint and smudge shows. Cleaning exterior windows is different because they contain more dust and grime, bird droppings at times and water spots. First clean the window with a dry cloth or towel. […]

Cleaning Mobile Phones

Cleaning Mobile Phones Mobile phones develop germs when we talk on them and use them. Most mobile phones contain more germs than a toilet seat!!  It will be more hygienic for usage if it is regularly cleaned. Use a disinfectant wipe or soft cloth damped in rubbing alcohol to clean it initially. Take alcohol in […]

Cleaning Television Screens

Cleaning Television Screens Cleaning television really involves cleaning the screen. It should technically be free of spots, scratches and fingerprints. You don’t want the face of your favourite actress spotted with dust or grime! The task seems easy but some cleaners can damage the screen so you need to be prudent about it. For one […]